This episode is the second half of our interview with Taopiphop Limjittrakorn, beer advocate and member of Thai Parliament from the Future Forward Party. Ed asks Tao about his decision to run for parliament and how his life has changed since taking his seat.

Turns out that once Tao decided to run, he chose Bangkok Yai, a district in Bangkok that is traditionally a stronghold for the Democratic Party. With no experience and a low budget, Tao had to develop his own grassroots campaign strategy, His approach worked, and he won his district (where Ed happens to live) comfortably. 

Tao also talks about how humble he felt taking his seat in Parliament and working with some old Thai politicians he heard of as a kid. He discusses his life as an MP, his workload, and how voting works in the Future Forward Party.

But as Tao explains, his real interest is in promoting equality of opportunity in Thailand. All he really wants to do is have his own small brewery and bar. Is that too much to ask? Unfortunately, to make his dream happen, he had to become a member of Parliament and do his best to change the Thai laws that always seem to favor big corporations and the wealthy. 

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