Ed interviews Thanita ‘Ninar’ Wongprasert, a former UN employee and long time activist in the LGBTQI community in Thailand.

Ninar talks about what it’s like to be gay in Thailand in general and points out that every individual’s experience is different. Ed and Ninar then discuss whether Thailand is liberal or conservative – and why such black & white classifications might be doing the pontificator and country a disservice.

And speaking of disservice – given Thailand’s non-confrontational culture, it can sometimes be hard to determine whether gays are accepted or just tolerated by Thailand’s ‘nice’, mai pen rai culture. Each person’s take will be different, of course, but Ninar points out that the government has traditionally been conservative and very reluctant to extend equal rights to the gay community. In the end, they discuss the somewhat ironic possibility that the current non-democratic military government may grant marriage rights to same sex couples before the expected elections early next year. Love is love, y’all.

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