Going vegetarian in Bangkok has always struck Greg as somewhat of an inconvenience – I mean, how many vegetarian street food stalls do you know? But guess who’s been on a full-on vegan diet for the past year? That’s right, Ed. And guess who is going to give Greg some insight on actually how easy it is to be a vegetarian in Bangkok? Well…yes, of course, also Ed. You’ve been here before, I see.

Ed dishes a bit on what he thinks of the politics and clique-iness of strict diets, as well as the role that religion may play for some people, while Greg – a noted carnivore – recollects a few tales of searching for food in Bangkok with vegan friends. Let’s just say it wasn’t his favorite dining experience.

We also spin up Love, Loathe or Leave, where Ed wants to hear Greg’s thought on the (ongoing…maybe?) effort to clean food vendors off of Bangkok’s sidewalks.

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