In this episode, the guys debate the pros and cons of one of Thailand’s most famous cultural pastimes. Despite being friends for going on 20 years now and agreeing on a lot of things, Greg and Ed do NOT agree on Thai Traditional Massage (TTM). Ed loves it, Greg…does not. 

Ed argues that while TTM may not be for everyone, its unique mix of pain and pleasure are deeply relaxing and well worth it in the long run. Greg contends the pain ain’t worth it, and there are countless better ways to spend your time (such as taking a nap – they’re free!). The boys go back and forth in their deeply lucid and insightful way on the nuances of the experience, but in the end both agree that all visitors to Thailand should try it at least once. 

For specific DO’s and DON’Ts and recommendations on where to go, listen in to the full episode. 

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