This week Greg interviews Khun Voranai Vanijaka, a well-known Thai journalist, social commentator, and founder and editor-in-chief of, an English language website and social media enterprise that focuses on social and political issues in Thailand. Khun Voranai explains his unique background as a Thai man who grew up in Austin, TX, and also that Thisrupt is currently self-funded by him, but that he is negotiating with investors.

He and Greg next elucidate Thisrupt’s vision: politics, society, and economics are really all just aspects of culture, and Thisrupt’s goal is to focus on all facets of ‘Thainess.’ After Greg asks about the site’s edgy content, Voranai contends that it is a journalist’s duty to ‘push the envelope’ and not simply be PR for the government. He explains that a society cannot improve without first being able to speak and generate dialogue on a topic, and he insists that he will not be cowed in bringing up sensitive issues.

They also discuss Thailand’s changing younger generation and the impact of new technology and social media on Thai society. As Voranai states, he doesn’t like Thailand’s past or present, but he’s looking forward to its future. 

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