On this episode, Greg and Ed discuss the concept of a “Go Bag” – that is, a bag that always stays packed in case you need to get outta Dodge. Both hosts know people who have them, but it’s a concept that’s different for everyone.

It might seem alarmist, but here in Bangkok, things can sometimes go bad in a hurry. But how do you define a Go Bag? As Greg explains, it could be something as simple as making sure you have the supplies to work from home for a few days in case of something bad happening, like the fire at Central World mall last week. Or as Ed discusses, you could be one of those folks who has made a full-on evacuation plan, with alternate routes to the airport, and a plan to pick up family members on the way.

And of course, not everyone will react to the same emergency in the same manner – many long-term expats are used to the occasional social hiccup that requires some flexible planning, but others might have a lower tolerance for interruptions, and will feel the need to leave Thailand in the rearview if things get dicey. Either way, the concept of a Go Bag (or even just a Go Plan) is something that we think every expat should at least think about.

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