Greg interviews Kisnaphol “Keng” Wattanawanyoo, an expert in the informal aspects of urban life, and in the case of Bangkok, the plethora of mobile street vendors.

While Bangkok is in a rush to modernize and clean up its streets, the mobile vendor subculture is alive and well – but for how long? Greg and Keng discuss where these folks come from, where they buy their merch, and explains the informal network they use to keep each other up to date, train new recruits, and mark their territory. Above all, they represent the best of the entrepreneurial nature of Thais, many of whom seem willing to travel long distances to set up their own businesses.

However, Keng points out that the Thai government often takes a more negative view of the informal economy of Bangkok and see it as contributing to the chaos and disorder of the city – despite many (such as construction workers in the rapidly multiplying building projects) relying on them to get affordable, convenient food and supplies.

Plus – Love, Loathe, or Leave – the ubiquitous Bangkok ice cream sandwich.

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