When you are a kid, you are taught to look on the bright side of everything. In that spirit, Greg and Ed search for any possible positives in their lives as a result of the lockdown (which, generally speaking, SUCKS). Ed begins by noting that his relative lack of social life has given him more freedom to experiment with his diet, which consequently resulted in him losing 5 kilos. Greg notes that the increased time home has meant more bonding with his son and many priceless moments that otherwise might not have happened during more normal times.

Next, Ed notes the rather mundane but still meaningful fact that while staying home, he simply spends less money. At the end of the month, there’s actually money left in his account! You can’t argue with that. Greg then brings up the convenience of finally being able to fix troublesome aspects of his condo, those little niggly things that bother you for years cause you are too busy to focus on them. Well, thanks to the lockdown, he can tamp down that annoying nail that sticks up from the floorboard!

Last, Ed appreciates the new restaurants and food he has discovered while searching for food to order for delivery. With most restaurants closed to walk-in customers for most of the last two months and an unfinished kitchen, delivery has been a godsend. For Greg, his extra time hanging out in his condo has allowed him to meet and get to know more of his neighbors. Little did he know, there’s actually a cool community of peeps that’s been right under his nose this whole time. 🙂

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