It’s the annual Bangkok Podcast Christmas Blowout, with free gifts to all of our listeners! Well, that’s a complete lie, actually. But it IS Christmas, which means the boys feel compelled to discuss what it’s like to spend Christmas in Bangkok.

From newbies experiencing their first working yuletide, to the sticky weather when it should be a winter wonderland, to most Thais shrugging their shoulders at the whole thing, Greg and Ed discuss how their own Christmas habits have evolved over the years, with Greg largely ignoring the holiday (with the exception of annually watching the film ‘Die Hard’) and Ed making efforts to keep it alive by having holiday dinners with friends and exchanging gifts with his wife and Thai in-laws. Greg does note though that as a new father he has re-discovered the holiday and made it a part of his young son’s life (although it’ll be a few years until he can watch Die Hard).

The boys even throw in some speculative theology, from conspiracy theories about Jesus (India! France!) to the apparent similarities between his teachings and the Buddha’s, including a book on the topic by a very respected Buddhist monk from Vietnam.

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