Taking a personal turn thanks to an idea from Wes, one of our patrons, Greg discusses his dating experiences in Thailand and what it’s like to be married to a Thai woman. From early dating stories as a clueless n00b to strange stories of getting used to Thai culture Greg (and Ed!) both start off with a few funny stories

Next, Greg tells the story of meeting and eventually marrying his wife. Their story was a traditional one of a dinner with several groups of friends, a flirty Greg…and the rest is history as they say. Greg gives his thoughts on how we, as foreigners, must be flexible in everything from dating to having kids, to building relationships with the parents…luckily, Greg’s wife (and her family) are pretty open-minded and reasonable about his weird western ways. 

Finally, the boys try to piece together some advice to help the next person looking for a serious relationship in Thailand, including being patient and open-minded, especially if you actually live in the country. The quick version: patience, flexibility, and quality over quantity!

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