Greg and Ed return to their ‘Neighborhood Focus’ series with a review of the Chinatown-Talad Noi area of Bangkok, a neighborhood is near and dear to the boys’ hearts, as Greg used to live there, and back in the day he introduced Ed to the area’s many charms. 

Greg begins with a mini-history of Chinatown and its many historic streets, most of which you can still walk on today. Ed summarizes Chinatown as ‘chaos with street food.’ Its popularity is extremely high with both Thais and foreigners but even during current COVID times with its dearth of farangs, the neighborhood is still crowded. 

Speaking of food, Greg recommends Nai Lek Ouan, the ultimate noodle shop on Yaowarat Soi 11, while Ed throws his two cents in with Chijuya, a vegetarian sushi place off of Song Wat Road. 

Despite not having many great opportunities for long-stay living, there are many small hostels and a few nice hotels, like the Grand China Hotel and the gorgeous Shanghai Mansion.

Next, the guys herald the ‘Creative District’ along the river in Talad Noi, an area mentioned in last week’s show. A neighborhood of old apartments and working-class shops with a vaguely Chinese-slash-‘Blade Runner’ feel, it is the ultimate place for a casual walk through intriguing back sois, especially if you like to take pictures. The boys even chanced upon a very hip club on the river called Baan Rim Nam, a perfect place to hang for food and drink along the river, and the site of our next meetup – whenever that is.

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