Greg and Ed discuss one of their old stomping grounds – Sukhumvit Soi 11, perhaps the most famous destination on Sukhumvit that doesn’t involve a red light district!

Beginning with stories of their early days on the soi, when it was primarily known as home to swanky Q Bar and Bed Supperclub, it’s gone through several iterations since then. Indeed, Greg notes that it always seems to be going through a transition, and not just construction-wise. The identity of the soi also seems to change over time and the hi-so feel of old Soi 11 was replaced by more of a sports bar, burger joint, live music, and tourist vibe. 

The boys discuss their ‘research trip’ to Soi 11, where they discovered that it is yet again undergoing massive renovation, with large swathes of the soi actually inaccessible due to construction. However, there are still multiple excellent restaurants and pubs along the way – The Australian, the rebuilt Hemingway’s, Limoncello, and Daniel Thaiger. Listen as Greg and Ed discuss why they think each place is a standout – and shed a tear over the original Cheap Charlie’s.

On top of that, just around the corner at the end of the soi lies a newly relocated Villa Supermarket as well as Apoteka, one of the better venues for live music in all of Bangkok. Although Soi 11 may be in a ‘rebuilding phase’ at the moment, it’s still worth a visit now – in one to three years, however, it should be back into its prime. 

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