Feb. 13, 2018

Neighborhood Focus: Thonburi, the Original Bangkok [Season 2, Episode 70]

Neighborhood Focus: Thonburi, the Original Bangkok [Season 2, Episode 70]

Before Bangkok became Bangkok, it was Thonburi, the neighborhood that has happily remained on the periphery of cool - but but things are changing fast.

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On the first show in our new series that digs into some of Bangkok’s better-known ‘hoods, we ask: did you know that Bangkok (that is, Thailand’s modern capital) is not the original Bangkok? Nope! The first Bangkok (that is, the new capital after Ayutthaya was thrashed by the Burmese) was a little town called Thonburi. But, that didn’t last long. Another little village called Bangkok became the new, new capital and Thonburi became a sleepy suburb.

But after only 236 years, Thonburi is about to step into the limelight in a big way. How, you ask? Malls! Trains! Hotels! Markets! Craft beer! And...cable cars?

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