Greg and Ed jump into the tricky issue of whether it is worth it for expats to gain permanent residency status in Thailand, also known as PR. It’s a good topic, because while Greg is still a stateless savage, Ed actually does have PR.

So what is PR? Essentially, it’s a permanent visa that obviates the need to do border runs or 90 day reporting. But significantly, Thai PR does not include the right to work or the right to own property; plus, it can be expensive, at 195,000 baht for the those not married to a Thai, and 95,000 baht for those who are. Further, the application process is a bit of a nightmare and can take years to complete. So is it worth it? Greg and Ed debate this, while also discussing the positives, negatives, and unknowns of taking such a big step on the “I’m a legitimate farang living in Thailand” express train.

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