Greg welcomes former co-host Evo Terra back to the podcast after his repatriation to the good old U.S.A. Evo describes his new life in Phoenix and his many adjustments, including trying to drive on the right (that is, not left) side of the road. He also recounts the difficulty of finding a furnished apartment at a reasonable price and laments the relatively decent cost of living in the City of Angels (Thai version).

Shopping for food has also been a challenge, due to the fact that Evo actually knows what everything is, and hence, takes forever to decide what he wants. Luckily, he found an Asian market and stocked up on all the spices he fell in love with in Thailand, including the foul effluent known as ‘fish sauce.’

Greg then walks Evo through the 9 factors that determine the seriousness of reverse culture shock to see how many he’s faced, and talks about other strange things, like understanding what everyone is saying, and the surprising ways he’s able to use Thai, Khmer, and even Mandarin in Phoenix.

Finally, Evo reminisces a bit with a list of what he really misses in Bangkok – but you’ll have to listen to hear it. 🙂

Greg and Ed then experiment with a new segment, Word Association, where Ed reveals the true darkness in the depth of his personality as he spontaneously reacts to Greg’s word queries.

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