Readers of the Bangkok Post will need no introduction to this week’s guest. Roger Crutchley – or Old Crutch, as he’s known – arrived in Bangkok in 1969 by accident, never intending to stay. Yet here we are, 50 years later, and after a multi-decade career at the Bangkok Post and adventures too numerous to count, he sits down to riff on the past 5 decades in Thailand.

From bullet-riddled visa runs to Cambodia, to Vietnam-era beer bars on Phetchburi Road, to Thai protests and coups, Roger has seen it all, reporting on it in the pages of the Bangkok Post, which was first printed in the same year Roger was born.

We also discuss his new book, The Long Winding Road to Nakhon Nowhere, which recounts some of his misadventures, and provides some great insight into why Bangkok was, is, and probably will always be, such a fascinating city.

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