Greg and Ed reminisce about Ed’s first year as co-host of the Bangkok Podcast. Ed begins with a big ‘thank you’ to Greg for giving him the opportunity, and Greg gives a brief history of the BP over the years, from Season 1 with Tony Joh, which lasted for about a year and a half, to Season 2 with Evo Terra, which lasted about the same amount of time, and then to the last year with Ed. Ed talks about what he has liked and disliked about being the co-host, such as the weekly deadlines that are a bit stressful, and what it does to your brain to dive deep into Bangkok on a weekly basis. The best part for Ed? He particularly enjoys the less serious nature of the podcast, a break from the heaviness of being a professor all day- it’s just been a surprisingly fun side gig!

Greg also discusses the effect of having to work with different co-hosts, and admits that each one has added a unique flavor to the show (with Ed bringing in new philosophical takes on on Thailand), but that in general, his vision has been the same over the years – honest talk from two regular guys about what it’s like living in the wacky, wonderful world of Bangkok.

Both agree that the show has also helped them to reconnect to their early days in Thailand, helping them to revisit a lot of their earliest memories of being here.

Finally, one of the things Ed appreciates most is how the show doesn’t involve incessantly bashing Thailand, but also does not shy away from honest criticism. Here’s to another year of the dynamic and dare we say dangerous duo of Greg and Ed!

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