Hey, do you know the difference between ใ and ไ? What about เ and แ? Well, we sort of do, but you know who really does? This week’s guest, Stu Jay Raj.

What started as a simple question from Greg to Stu about Thai vowels gets turned around as Stu – noted linguist, polyglot, and all around swell dude – starts asking questions of Greg, slowly revealing a method of thinking about Thai vowels that isn’t so obvious. Thai language learners will be mouthing along with Stu as he delves into the very DNA of the base sounds that make up most Thai vowel combinations. Not only that, you’ll begin to understand the very important connection in the Thai language between what a vowel sounds like, and the position your mouth, throat, and tongue need to be in to arrive at the correct sound.

Also, did you know that the Thai language is abugida? We didn’t even know that word existed until this show, but Stu gives us a crash course on what it means.

In Love, Loathe, or Leave, Ed – Mr. Taxi himself – asks Greg what he thinks of one of the oldest tricks in the book for taxi drivers to squeeze a bit of extra money from their fares…and whether or not it’s always a scam, or sometimes just a bit of bad luck.

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