It’s been a while, but one of our favorite semi-regular guests is back! Bangkok Podcast’s official Buddhist correspondent, Phra Pandit, welcomed Greg at his temple to talk about amulets, talismans, and Buddhist relics – and what ties them all together.

The burning question Greg had was – if seemingly every third temple claims to have a piece of Buddha’s body – what exactly happened to the poor guy when he died? Phra Pandit explains the history behind the idea of Buddhist relics and what Buddha said about them, as well as their link to Sri Lanka and how a wooden mannequin brought to life kicked the whole thing off.

Greg and Phra Pandit also dive into the topic of amulets and talismans, including the famous Jatukham craze of 2006, and discuss what – if anything – makes one amulet worth more than another one. Does it make them more effective? Do people act differently if they think they’re more effective?

They finish with a fascinating discussion about how stories and tokens can be a powerful tool in helping us solidify and understand abstract concepts such as marriage, death, and even architecture!

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