Nov. 7, 2017

Ten Expats Share Where They Go To Get A Taste Of Home In Bangkok

Ten Expats Share Where They Go To Get A Taste Of Home In Bangkok

On this episode, we asked a multinational group expats where they go in Bangkok when they need a solid dose of life back home. And then we have a deep discussion about privilege in Bangkok. No, not that kind of privilege.

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We know that Bangkok’s expat community is much more diverse than a Canadian and an American can hope to represent. So this week, we reached out to the wider community and asked a simple question: Where do you go in Bangkok when you want a taste of your own country? Before we get into that, though, Greg regales us with his story about being summoned by Frank Lam, the founder of Foodland grocery stores (and the excellent Took Lae Dee food counters inside), who wanted to say thanks to Greg for including Took Lae Dee on his list of 50 Reasons Why Bangkok is the Best City in the World. Turns out Frank was the type of legendary character that you can only meet on a random Bangkok night, and Greg explains why. But back to the main topic of where to find a taste of home in Bangkok. Listen in to get these great insights from local expats:

  • Hidden Hungarian hangouts
  • Which restaurants Kuwaitis frequent for great middle eastern food
  • Where a Spaniard suggests you go for amazing cheese, cold cuts, and olive oil
  • Why Poles are jonesing for homemade pierogi and sauerkraut
  • Places in Thailand Australians avoid to avoid more Australians
  • Which soi off Sukhumvit is perfect for Germans who have a hankering for Schweinshaxe and Rotkohl
  • The one spot that Singaporeans/Malaysians say you don’t want to miss
  • Spots in Bangkok where Norwegians and other Scandinavians hang out other than IKEA
  • A local church in Sala Daeng where Italians can feel like at home
  • Why Russians day-trip out of Bangkok to get their homeland fix in Pattaya
  • Why an Indian-descent Thai national asked an American to cook Thanksgiving dinner, paying him in quality craft beer from Bootleg Brothers Brewing

Love, Loathe, or Leave

We need to talk about privilege, Bangkok. It’s humiliating, it’s unfair, and it perpetuates stereotypes. Of course, we’re talking about the special parking spaces for supercars and superbikes in Bangkok. Those of us that don’t drive a Lamborghini or some 3000cc crotch-rocket are mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more!

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Before we recorded this episode, we recorded an entire episode about Evo’s recent trip to Indonesia and just why he might be slurring his words tonight. You can get that full episode when you join dozens of other people who help us keep the show free of annoying by supporting us on Patreon. Today, you’ll hear about one of our favorite patrons, Ciaran Faulkner, and his amazing life-changing -- or at least name-changing -- story.

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