Greg and Ed recorded a show that goes in-depth on Thailand’s alcohol ban and whether or not it makes sense as a way to combat the coronavirus. What they did NOT count on was the ban being lifted 3 days AFTER they recorded the show! No worry – it’s still a very relevant discussion. 

First up, the boys try to give the ban the best spin possible – does it really help reduce irresponsible partying – social gatherings in large groups where people are not wearing masks or social distancing? Next they discuss a WHO report in Europe that supported alcohol bans on the grounds that alcohol causes multiple diseases that increase the lethality of the virus. Finally, the guys consider another side-effect of the ban – with many people stuck at home, women with abusive spouses may suffer increased attacks with alcohol easily available.

The boys weigh each argument, accepting that each point must be true at least to some extent. But for each of them, multiple holes appear. Why can’t alcohol sales continue but no drinking in bars or big groups? Doesn’t it take time for alcohol to cause disease (or for not drinking to cure it)? And can’t the absence of alcohol enrage domestic abusers even more? There are not one-size-fits-all solutions here.

Greg also notes an excellent email from a reader on the logic of sympathy for the hundreds of thousands of people in Thailand who are dependent on alcohol to function properly. And last, Ed notes that the massive impact to small and medium businesses in Thailand might not be worth it in the long run. 

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