You might be surprised to learn that two fellows as cool as Greg and Ed can be a bit nerdy, but it’s true! So, in keeping with that theme, this week your hosts jump into a potpourri of Bangkok statistics. Do you know how many sqkm Bangkok is? Or how big Thailand’s GDP is? Or how many airports or kilometers of rail track the kingdom has? In a wide-ranging discussion about the numbers that make up Bangkok (and Thailand), the boys cover geography, population density, population demographics, religion, the economy, minimum wage, education, transportation, telecommunications, and even electrical consumption! You name it, and they’ve got a number for it, as well as comments, questions, and insights. They aren’t economists, but they are inquisitive, and it’s a great springboard for the curious to dig deeper into some particular aspect of Thailand that they find interesting.

Of course, numbers don’t tell you everything, but some may surprise you, especially when you start comparing them to other cities around the world.