This week the guys address a common concern of long term expats: how best to keep in touch with family and friends back home. That is…if you want to.

We’re lucky that modern technology such as Facebook and Skype make it technologically easy to keep in touch, but the simple fact of being 5,000 miles away makes it impossible to keep track of the minutiae (and sometimes even the broad strokes) of people’s lives. Both Greg and Ed admit that some triage is required; difficult choices must be made about who to keep in touch with and who to drop. But surprise! After Greg complains about a friend back home who doesn’t answer emails, Ed admits the he is that guy. Ed discusses his guilt over doing such a bad job maintaining relationships even though (in theory) modern technology should make it easier. Although the boys don’t come up with any perfect answer to this problem, they air some thoughts and advice about how not to alienate important people back home.

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