June 20, 2017

The Funniest Way To Get A Thai Drivers License In Bangkok (2.37)

The Funniest Way To Get A Thai Drivers License In Bangkok (2.37)

Both of us are licensed to drive - Evo a motorbike and Greg a car - and on this episode, we’ll tell you the process that we went through to be legal drivers in Thailand. Spoiler alert: it’s maddening. But funny! And a great example of “Thainess”.

Now that we’re both legally licensed drivers in Thailand, we take a little extra time to tell you about the process we went through… and why not one bit of it actually prepared us for driving in Bangkok. Plus we'll share a new way you can show your support for our show. Because you love us!

Before we get to driving in Thailand -- legally or otherwise -- we should talk about Patreon, a new way to let you, dear listener, help fund our efforts. If you're a fan of the show and want to show your appreciation, just go to Patreon.com/BangkokPodcast to make it happen. For just a buck a month (that’s only ฿34), you help us out and get some cool stuff in return. Check it out. We’ll love you forever! As a frequent listener of the Bangkok Podcast, you already know that Thailand is the second most dangerous country in the world to drive in - right behind Libya! - but despite that, both of us are licensed to drive. Evo just got his motorbike license last week, and Greg has had his automobile license for about a decade now. On this episode, we’ll tell you in great comedic and exasperating detail the process that we went through to be legal drivers in Thailand. Spoiler alert: it’s maddening. But funny! And a great example of “Thainess”. Many (perhaps most) expats living in Bangkok don’t even bother getting their licenses, opting instead to pass a few hundred baht to the cop when (not if) they are pulled over. But that seems to be changing, with a slew of new initiatives that are compelling cops all over Thailand to start cracking down on bad behavior, actually impounding bikes and issuing actual fines. If you think getting your license was a challenge in your own home country, you have to listen to this episode to see how it compares to Thailand. For fun, check out the test online and see how you fare. Keep your eyes out for tanks and race cars! And if you’re also expat-ing in Bangkok and have gone through the pain, please share your experience with us in the comments, our social sites, or with your own network. (And use the #thaipod hashtag!)

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Love, Loathe, or Leave

Are the girls on the BTS vampires or stoned? Probably neither, but the cheap colored contact lenses that are all the rage sure make them seem that way. Not that either of us have an issue with an effort to change your appearance or be unique (let your freak flag fly, people!), but this can’t be healthy. And it can be a little terrifying. Surprise? We’re not fans. How do you feel about it? Are you as creeped out as we are?

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