We return to our Thai history series with a fascinating look at the role that several Thai cannons played in some important historical events. 

First, with the help of a cool blog on Thai history from our friend Ken Lohatepanont, Greg tells the story of some silver cannons gifted by King Narai of Siam to Louis XIV of France. It turns out that during the world-changing storming of the Bastille in 1789, those very same cannons were used by the revolutionaries to bring down the notorious prison. Who would have thought that Thai military equipment would play such a key role in world history?

Next, Greg tells the story of two large cannons, known as Seri Negara and Seri Pattani, used by the southern Sultanate of Pattani. When Pattani eventually challenged Siam and lost, the Thai King seized the cannons as spoils of war. Alas, one ended up at the bottom of the sea, but the other is on display in front of the Thai Ministry of Defense to this day.

Last, Greg relates the use of cannons by the famous Thai developer Nai Lert to mark the boundaries of his property that borders Sukhumvit and Wireless Road. The concrete remains can still be seen today outside of Central Embassy shopping mall. 

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