July 25, 2017

The Science Behind Tasty Thai Food (2.42)

The Science Behind Tasty Thai Food (2.42)

This week we’re talking with an honest to goodness food scientist who gives us the lowdown on the health benefits - or lack thereof - of Thai food and its sundry ingredients. But first, Evo recounts a pleasant encounter with a fan of the show.

This week we’re talking with an honest to goodness food scientist who gives us the lowdown on the health benefits - or lack thereof - of Thai food and its sundry ingredients. But first, Evo plays Robin Hood as he recounts a pleasant encounter with a wandering sheriff.

What are the odds a visitor to Bangkok would not only run into one of the hosts of his favorite podcast, but run into said favorite podcast co-host just minutes after listening? Pretty high if you happen to visit Jack’s Bar. But as cool and unexpected as that was, it’s not what we’re talking about today. Adam Yee is a food scientist who works at a billion dollar health-and-wellness company in Phoenix Arizona. He’s the kind of guy who takes his work home with him, because he’s also the host of a podcast called My Food Job Rocks!. We brought Adam on the show to dispel the rumors and myths about the healthiness of Thai Food. Adam has a lot to share about what science says about fad diets and more, including these choice bits:

  • How gluten spreads civilization (no offence to those diagnosed with Celiac Disease)
  • Why you shouldn’t (and practically can’t) avoid MSG in Thailand
  • A reference to the tastiest of tastes: umami
  • Why you can blame the American military for Thailand’s dedication to sweetened condensed milk in everything
  • How to curry favor from a food scientist (did you see what I did there?)
  • The curious case of tamarind and why anyone would find it a tasty food additive

Since Adam is curious about Thailand (his roomie is Thai), we talked about some unique aspects of Bangkok that shows why he’s a great food scientist. Among other things, we covered:

  • The flavors and styles of snacks are made from seaweed
  • The Mexican food scene of Bangkok (since he’s from Arizona, right on the Mexican border)
  • How mayonnaise contributes to the Thainization of sushi
  • Why Thais love Red #40 like French Canadians love Yellow #6
  • Macro trends on Thai-centric health concerns

Love, Loathe, or Leave

As we’ve talked about on prior episodes, Bangkok cops are cracking down on helmetless riders. Mototaxi drivers are accommodating, offering pay passenger a spare helmet. But when you’re sporting a mellon the the size of a beachball like both of us, it’s more about fine-avoidance than safety. Listen in to find out how we deal with this reality.

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