Sept. 26, 2017

Tuk Tuk Tours in Bangkok Are Not Just For Tourists [Season 2 Episode 51]

Tuk Tuk Tours in Bangkok Are Not Just For Tourists [Season 2 Episode 51]

If we sound a little more noisy than usual, it’s because we recorded this on-location exclusive episode from the back of a tuk tuk in Bangkok. Recently we were invited on an evening food tour by the fine folks at Expique.

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On-location from the back of a tuk tuk in Bangkok, we’re pretending to be tourists for the day and, surprisingly enough, discovering some new things about our adopted home. Ride along with us!(Direct download .mp3)

Episode Details

Astute listeners will notice the marked increase in Bangkok traffic noise in this episode. That’s for a very good reason, as we recorded it from the back of a tuk tuk, driving through the streets of Bangkok. Why are we in a tuk tuk? We’re glad you asked. For as much disdain is thrown on the idea of “doing tourist-y things”, there’s actually merit in that concept. Bangkok is a rapidly changing city, and our friends at Expique are true masters at showcasing some of the greatest areas of Bangkok for their clients -- including a couple of long  term expats (that’s us)! So we hopped in one of their tuk tuks, broke out the microphones, and recorded the activities we experience on their evening food and tuk tuk adventure. Thanks for having us, Expique! Here’s what you’re in for in this episode recorded on-location:
  • A restaurant in Bangkok that serves over 30,000 sticks of pork satay every single day
  • The amazing sights, sounds, and smells of the Bangkok flower market
  • Tasty food made fresh -- with flowers! -- from the chefs at The Market Experience
  • A minor altercation between two tuk tuk drivers post-collision (That was fun!)
  • Why people are no longer allowed to swing on Bangkok’s Giant Swing (Hint: Dead people)
  • Why food tours are a great way to try new food… that you will love or hate, depending on your Canadian palate.
  • Royal guards, missing plaques, and merit making
  • A cameo appearance by our guide, Net

Love, Loathe, or Leave

Speaking of touristy things to do that locals do as well, you’ve likely heard of Chatuchak Market. There probably isn’t anything you can’t buy there, which makes it an easy place to love. But there are a few loathe-able aspects of JJ market as well. We’ll tell you want we think if you take a listen to this episode.

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