Bangkok’s live performance scene is evolving in some interesting ways, and nowhere is that more clear than at Bombyx, the city’s most popular live storytelling event.

We chat with organizer John Englander about the history of the event and what makes it special, including how speakers are chosen (and rejected), and what ingredients it takes from Bangkok’s eclectic local and expat communities.

John also tells us about his own first experience as a Bombyx speaker, and how terror quickly turned into pure adrenaline when he learned how to properly shape a story for his audience, how to prepare to entertain a bunch of strangers, and how he finally cracked the sad:funny ratio when telling a touching story.

Ed – as a Bombyx presenter multiple times himself – also tells the stories behind his own stories, and Greg reveals that he will give his first Bombyx presentation at the event that happens on 24 May – two days after this episode drops! We hope to see you there.

And yes, we do ask John why it’s called Bombyx and what exactly that means – you’ll have to listen for the answer. 🙂

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