Ahhh, Songkran, a waterfight so insane that people in other countries know all about it. Love it or hate it, it’s THE holiday on the Thai calendar, and unless you’ve got a (probably damp) ticket in your (probably damp) little hands, it’s hard to avoid.

Greg starts off showing how poorly he can recollect the origins of Songkran off the top of his head, before he and Ed discuss the infamous “Ministry of Culture Gets Pissed at Topless Dancing Girls” episode of Songkran 2011, which left people alternately laughing, livid, or losing face. (Read Kaewmala’s excellent insight into that episode here, and a NY Times story here)

Ed also shares his belief that Songkran might be the perfect Thai holiday, where old and new, conservative and liberal, and reserved and raucous clash in the most Thai of ways.

You’ll also get to hear them recollect stories about friends getting soaked despite not wanting to, how a pitcher of beer was poured over Greg’s head on year, and why two (now)-jaded dudes might head out again this year just to see what’s up.

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