Google searches have become a treasure trove of information on modern cultures, and something that everyone from students to seniors use to find information. One interesting feature is Google’s autocomplete, which makes guesses on what you’re looking for based on what others are searching for. So what does Google’s autocomplete say about Thailand?

Greg tries various combinations of Thailand-related questions, such as ‘Is Thailand . . .’ or ‘Will Bangkok . . .’ with results ranging from the mundane to the curiously fascinating – one even reminding Greg of this awesome short movie called True Skin that takes place in Bangkok’s near-future. Searchers seemed concerned about everything from safety in Thailand and whether Bangkok is sinking, to the cave boys story and the prevalence of the zika virus in the Land of Smiles. The results seem to mirror Thailand’s reputation as a country of great contrast, complexity, and to some extent, weirdness. Also, to the person searching for “is Thailand hotel?” Bravo. Bravo.

Take a look at the screenshots below to see what other terms came up.

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