Your hosts get a little deep with the topic this time by kicking off a discussion on expat identity. Can expats reinvent themselves and become someone new in their new country? Should they? Ed chimes in with some immediate support for people doing what they can to get out of a rut or ‘stretch their personalities,’ but also offers concerns about people acting superficial or fake. Greg clarifies that he’s not talking about lying or just making stuff up, but rather breaking free of old, bad habits and giving yourself a chance to try something new. Although good friends and the comfort of home certainly make life better, they also can sometimes be constraining, especially after a long time in the same place. 

The guys discuss a magazine article on the advantages of expatdom when it comes to improving yourself and creating a new ‘you,’ largely agreeing with the article’s optimistic view of expat life – at least if you are someone who WANTS to change things up. The boys also note that sexual identity is often one of those things difficult to experiment with around family and old friends, and a new country is often the ticket to explore new experiences. And what better place to do that than Bangkok?

No surprise that the guys think being an expat is a great way to find the real ‘you’ that’s just been dying to come out. 🙂

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