Ed welcomes back Marisa Cranfill, who was a guest on episode 61 of season 1, where she educated Greg and Tony with her deep knowledge on Thai spirit houses. This time Marisa – a long-time Bangkok resident and noted expert in various styles of yoga and meditation – tells her story of studying abroad in China for university and finding the traditional Chinese practice of ‘qigong’ or life energy mastery, which gave her a whole new perspective on life.

Since then, she has spent her time between Bangkok and San Diego, studying Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga under teacher Adrian Cox at Yoga Elements Studio, as well as building her vipassana meditation practice with various teachers in Thailand and at the Little Bangkok Sangha. Marisa gives advice to beginners interested in yoga or meditation, stressing that the teacher is probably more important than the specific style, and she recommends two specific places in Bangkok: Yoga Elements Studio and the Little Bangkok Sangha.

Marisa also explains her own unique integration of Yoga and Qigong into ‘Yoqi,’ a form of yin-yang yoga that combines what Marisa has learned from her years of studying Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

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